Nimbus Step-By-Step

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1. Register Samples

The first step in using the Nimbus Informatics Portal is to tell us about your samples and how they relate to your overall study and experiments. Collecting this information will help you to track your results more easily.

2. Upload Sequence

The next step is to upload or ship your sequence and associate it with your samples. This can be done using a variety of common sequence file formats including FASTQ.

3. Select Analysis

Current analytical workflow options include those built for whole genome and whole exome resequencing. Once selected, a private cluster is created on Amazon's cloud and the workflow is launched for the sequence inputs you choose.

4. View Results

Outputs from the chosen workflow are available through the Nimbus Portal. These are workflow-specific and may include BAM files, variant calls, and even full genome browsers. You can choose to share these results with other users or export the data for use in a variety of bioinformatics tools.

Nimbus Informatics provides end-to-end solutions for sequence data management and analysis on the cloud. Through the Nimbus website, users can upload sequence, trigger analytical workflows, and view results. The resulting reports range from full genome browser instances, to a query engine capable of realtime exploration of variants and annotations. You can explore an example at the HuRef SOLiD resequencing project page.
Science Streamlined

Science Streamlined

Nimbus Informatics allows small to medium-sized labs to operate at the scale of large centers. Our services greatly reduce the local bioinformatics staffing needed by providing computational support in an ad hoc, cloud-based portal. Our goal is to provide a "pushbutton" genome analysis service.

Open Source Science

Open Source Science

Nimbus Informatics is committed to using and contributing back to open source projects. We believe this makes the best tools available to our customers and gives the greatest transparency to our services. Nimbus fully supports the open source SeqWare project, all of our code is checked in there.

Whole Genome Capable

Whole Genome Capable

The Nimbus solution has been built from the ground up to support the massive amounts of data generated by whole genome and whole exome resequencing. Our infrastructure has been created from day one to scale to meet the computational challenges.

Cloud-Based Analysis

Cloud-Based Analysis

The Nimbus platform is fully cloud-based and runs on the Amazon EC2 service. This provides extraordinary scalability and stability along with customer isolation and advanced data encryption.

Latest News

Aug 18, 2011

We have posted the genome of C. sativa as part of the analysis work we have done for Medicinal Genomics. See for access to the reads.

Feb 2, 2011

Our public website is now live.

Dec 31, 2010

Nimbus informatics is now in private beta. If you are interested in receiving an invitation code please email